AMADÉ - Mirror glass

Dimensions 220 x 220 x 235 cm
Design Full glass facades
Seating 4 - 5 persons
Variants Corner left | Corner right

The mirror glass sauna, which received the Red Dot Design Award in “Best of the Best 2021”, focuses on both tradition and elegance. The fully reflective environment creates an unusual and breathtaking atmosphere to enjoy in your own garden. The mirrored glass reflects the beauty of the garden and almost completely blocks the view inside.

A Design Masterpiece

Red Dot Design Award "Best of the Best" 2021

Introducing AMADÉ, where cutting-edge design meets timeless tranquillity. Crafted entirely from shimmering mirror glass, this outdoor sauna offers not just a retreat, but a reflective journey. As you bask in its warmth, the world outside mirrors back, blending seamlessly with nature's beauty. Award-winning in design and unparalleled in experience, AMADÉ is more than a sauna; it's a sanctuary where the soul finds its reflection.

Mirrored glass presents further advantages: it reflects the surrounding greenery, allowing the cabin to blend harmoniously and almost imperceptibly with the garden's overall ambiance. During the day, it shields the sauna's interior from direct view, and at night, with subdued lighting, visibility into the sauna is significantly diminished, ensuring a relaxed experience.

Modern & Sophisticated

Full glass fronts - for a genuine sense of freedom

Garden saunas with glass fronts create a real feeling of freedom. You can enjoy the view outside while taking a sauna, watch the birds in the garden or the clear starry sky while you indulge in peace and relaxation.

The balance between wood and glass elements ensures an optimal sauna climate. Wood can absorb heat and moisture better, whereas glass heats up more. Therefore, all glass components are made from 2 x 6 mm toughened safety glass. The glass positioned behind the wooden wall is made of 8 mm toughened safety glass with a black enamel background.

Apart from the modern look of the cabin, we rely on the latest state-of-the-art technology in every detail: wall construction with insulation, aluminum door frames for durability, LED lighting and sauna heater technology from HARVIA, Europe´s leading sauna provider .

Trust in the craftsmanship of the carpenter

With a clear conscience - quality endures.
  • Construction Solid spruce, 65 x 75 mm
  • 6 cm organic wood STEICO insulation
  • moisture-insulating aluminum foil
  • 10 cm wall thickness
  • HydroFlex multi-layer sealed roof
  • aluminum slats
  • integrated gutter with downpipe
Despite the weather - beautiful for decades.
  • Thermal glazing 2 x 6 mm ESG
  • clear glass, mirror glass, tinted glass
  • Enamel frame colour is freely selectable
  • Facade panels in desired colours
  • Terrace wood in IPE & larch
  • Windows, skylights or panoramic roof
  • Aluminum frame door, lockable
To feel good - built with attention to detail.
  • Flexibly plannable interior design
  • Benches in aspen, ThermoAspen or alder
  • Wall and ceiling wood is freely selectable
  • Elegant ceramic tiles for the floor
  • Individual backrest design
  • LED multi-light mood
  • Oven integration
Simply reliable - technology that impresses.
  • Well-known European manufacturers
  • Harvia, HELO, Sentiotec, Nieco, etc.
  • App & WiFi connection with security & overheating protection
  • Integration into the in-house BUS system
  • Additional features freely selectable
  • Infrared, brine and bio evaporator, etc.

Additional benefits - more relaxation

Combi heater with steam function
Infra-Redlight heaters
FLORA Elements

Customers That Have AMADÉ At Home