Hot Tub Barn Becomes BETA Wellness: Embracing a Legacy for a Bright Future

Hot Tub Barn Becomes BETA Wellness: Embracing a Legacy for a Bright Future

Since our establishment in 1996, Hot Tub Barn has become a household name in the UK as a top supplier of Hot Tubs and Swim Spas. Our secret to success has always been our unwavering dedication to quality and customer service. Yet, even the best must evolve to offer their clientele the very best. It's with great pleasure that we announce the transformation of Hot Tub Barn into BETA Wellness.

This change is a part of our exciting journey as we integrate into the global strategies of our parent company Crystal Island in the lead-up to our IPO. But what does this mean for you, our valued customer?

Experience Meets Innovation

BETA Wellness, already successful in Austria, Australia, and other global locations, is bringing its expertise and knowledge into our brand. The unique aspect of joining the global corporate structure of Crystal Island is the complete control over the production chain—from suppliers to manufacturing, all the way to sales. This complete linkage enables us not only to offer optimized trade routes but also to ensure the highest standards in quality and customer service.

The Future is Green

With the transition to BETA Wellness, there's a renewed focus on sustainability. Our new eco-friendly factory is a marvel of modern technology and sustainable production. With the integration of AI technology, we can further optimize our production process while minimizing our environmental footprint.

Enhanced Products and Services

As BETA Wellness, you'll benefit from an expanded range of high-quality products, innovative designs, and a level of customer service that's second to none. We're setting new benchmarks in quality and customer experience, ensuring that you, our customer, gain the most.

Summary: Why is this change beneficial for you?

  • Continuity: The legacy and values of Hot Tub Barn are preserved.
  • Quality: Enhanced manufacturing methods and rigorous quality assurance.
  • Service: A globally unified customer service experience.
  • Sustainability: A commitment to eco-friendly products and processes.
  • Innovation: Cutting-edge technologies for an unparalleled customer experience.

At BETA Wellness, we are proud to build on the strong foundations laid by Hot Tub Barn. We look forward to a shared future defined by quality, innovation, and sustainability. For you, our customer, this means continuing your journey with a trusted partner, now with the added benefits that come with this transformation. Welcome to BETA Wellness – where tradition meets the future.

Hot Tub Barn wird zu BETA Wellness: Ein bewährtes Erbe tritt in eine strahlende Zukunft

Seit der Gründung im Jahr 1996 hat sich Hot Tub Barn als einer der führenden Anbieter von Hot Tubs und Swim Spas in Großbritannien etabliert. Unser Erfolgsgeheimnis? Ein unerschütterliches Engagement für Qualität und Kundenbetreuung. Doch auch die Besten müssen sich weiterentwickeln, um ihren Kunden stets das Beste zu bieten. In diesem Sinne ist es uns eine Freude, die Transformation von Hot Tub Barn zu BETA Wellness bekannt zu geben.

Diese Neuerung ist Teil unserer spannenden Reise, da wir in die globalen Strategien unseres Mutterkonzerns Crystal Island integriert werden, während wir uns auf einen Börsengang vorbereiten. Doch was bedeutet das für Sie als unseren geschätzten Kunden?

Erfahrung trifft auf Innovation

BETA Wellness, bereits erfolgreich in Österreich und Australien, sowie in weiteren Ländern weltweit, bringt seine Erfahrung und sein Fachwissen in unsere Marke ein. Das Besondere an der Einbindung in die globale Unternehmensstruktur von Crystal Island ist die vollständige Kontrolle über die Produktionskette – von den Sublieferanten über die Fertigung bis hin zum Verkauf. Diese 100%ige Verkettung ermöglicht es uns, nicht nur optimierte Handelswege zu bieten, sondern auch die höchsten Standards in Qualität und Kundenservice zu garantieren.

Die Zukunft ist "grün"

Mit der Umwandlung zu BETA Wellness wird auch ein Fokus auf Nachhaltigkeit gelegt. Unsere neue, ökologisch ausgerichtete Fabrik ist ein Meisterwerk moderner Technologie und umweltfreundlicher Produktion. Durch den Einsatz von KI-Technologie können wir unseren Produktionsprozess weiter optimieren und gleichzeitig unseren ökologischen Fußabdruck minimieren.

Verbesserte Produkte und Dienstleistungen

Als BETA Wellness profitieren Sie von einem erweiterten Angebot an hochwertigen Produkten, innovativen Designs und einem Kundenservice, der seinesgleichen sucht. Wir setzen neue Maßstäbe in Sachen Qualität und Kundenerlebnis, sodass Sie, unser Kunde, am meisten davon profitieren.

Zusammenfassung: Warum ist diese Veränderung gut für Sie?

  • Kontinuität: Das Erbe und die Werte von Hot Tub Barn bleiben erhalten.
  • Qualität: Verbesserte Produktionsmethoden und strenge Qualitätssicherung.
  • Service: Ein weltweit einheitliches Kundenservice-Erlebnis.
  • Nachhaltigkeit: Engagement für umweltfreundliche Produkte und Prozesse.
  • Innovation: Modernste Technologien für ein unschlagbares Kundenerlebnis.

Wir bei BETA Wellness sind stolz darauf, auf den starken Grundlagen von Hot Tub Barn aufzubauen. Wir blicken auf eine gemeinsame Zukunft, die durch Qualität, Innovation und Nachhaltigkeit definiert wird. Für Sie als unseren Kunden bedeutet das eine Fortsetzung der Reise mit einem Partner, dem Sie vertrauen, mit zusätzlichen Vorteilen, die die Transformation mit sich bringt. Willkommen bei BETA Wellness – wo Tradition auf Zukunft trifft.

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Many companies make spurious claims about the running costs of their hot tubs, and there are very few that can prove the low energy consumption of their products. Use the Tranquility Series or the Starlight Platinum Collection for 6 x 30 minute sessions per week with a maintained water temperature of 39°C, and the average weekly electricity running cost starts from £5-£10 per week. This figure is based on the average weekly cost, worked out over a one year period, with the spa installed outdoors in the UK. What Makes Our Hot Tubs Energy Efficient? Riptide hot tubs are one of the most energy efficient spas on the market today. Which can mean substantially lower running costs because of the total insulation you get with a Riptide. Energy Efficient by Design Riptide spas are the most energy efficient hot tubs because of a few key factors: Multiple layers of foam inside the spa cabinet which reduce heat loss to a minimum Low current SilentFlow circulation pumps which give round the clock filtration, whilst consuming less energy than a domestic 75W light bulb Equipment compartment specially laid out to route warm air from running gear back into the system to reduce energy required heat the water. Tailored to fit covers with high density foam which creates a seal against the hot tub shell, minimising heat loss Spa water temperature is kept at a regular temperature, which stops an energy wasting cooling and heating cycle Minimising Waste Riptide is always striving to find new ways of lessening the impact their activities have on the environment, particularly during the manufacturing process, these include: Powering manufacturing using their own on-location generators, which lessen the load on the local power grid Giving back waste and excess material used in hot tub sidings given to suppliers, for further use and recycling Spare material after forming Riptide hot tub shells ground and reused by suppliers Waste metals taken to a recycling depot to be reused in new and useful items All brochures and marketing printed on recycled paper

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Monitoring and balancing pH levels in hot tubs is vital for our comfort and health but also for the hot tub's longevity. What does pH level measure? pH is a measure of how acidic or how basic water is. The pH range goes from 0 to 14, with 7 being neutral. A pH of less than 7 indicates acidity, whereas a pH of greater than 7 indicates a base. The pH of water is a very important measurement concerning the water quality of your hot tub/spa or swimming pool. The right pH level The ideal pH level for a hot tub and a swim spa is typically between 7.2 and 7.4. How to measure the pH water level Test Strips: Simple, dip-and-read strips that change color to indicate pH level. Quick and easy but less accurate. Liquid Test Kits: Involve adding reagents to a water sample and comparing the color change to a chart. More accurate than test strips. Digital pH Meters: Electronic devices that provide a precise digital reading of pH. Require calibration and maintenance for accuracy. Smart Water Monitors: Advanced systems that continuously monitor pH and other parameters, often with smartphone app integration. High accuracy and convenience. How often should the pH level of the water be checked It all depends on how often you are using the hot tub or swim spa. It's recommended to test the water at least once every 2-3 weeks, and even more frequently if the spa is used often. What can happen if the pH levels in my water are not balanced Skin/Eye Irritation: Imbalanced pH can cause discomfort like skin rashes and itchy eyes. Poor Sanitization: Ineffective sanitizers due to wrong pH can lead to bacteria and algae growth. Cloudy Water: Imbalanced pH often results in unappealing, cloudy water. Scale Formation: High pH can cause scale buildup, damaging surfaces and equipment. Corrosion: Low pH can corrode pool liners, concrete, and metal components. Reduced Enjoyment: Overall, improper pH balance reduces the comfort and enjoyment of the water, and increases maintenance needs and costs. My water looks really clear – doesn’t that mean my pH levels are fine? Without a pH test, there is no way of knowing.  Water that looks clear can sometimes be hiding serious problems.  Acidic water is capable of holding a lot of minerals in solution without the water turning cloudy. This might look good but isn’t good for you or your spa equipment. My water looks cloudy – does this mean pH levels are unbalanced? Cloudy water is often a sign that your pH levels are too high.  This would be the first thing to check if your water is cloudy, milky or foamy.  However cloudy hot tub water can also be caused by a number of other factors and these should all be checked and addressed as necessary. Keeping your pH levels in balance Impact of pH on Sanitizer Efficiency Chlorine's disinfecting ability depends on water's pH and temperature. Higher pH reduces chlorine effectiveness, requiring more chlorine for the same result. Lower pH increases effectiveness but leads to acidic water problems. The goal is a balanced pH, ideally around 7.4. Risks of Low pH in Spa Water Having a pH level under 7.0 in your spa can lead to several issues. Acidic water can cause your sanitizer, like chlorine or bromine, to deplete rapidly, exposing you to harmful bacteria and contaminants. This acidic environment can also damage various parts of your spa. Potential Consequences of Acidic Water: Metal parts may corrode. Pump seals and other components might get damaged. The acrylic shell of the spa could be harmed. You'll need to use more sanitizer as it loses effectiveness quickly. Swimmers may experience dry, itchy skin and eye irritation, as the ideal pH for human tears is 7.4. How to increase the water pH levels The most widely used products for raising pH levels in hot tubs, commonly known as pH increasers or pH plus, typically contain sodium bicarbonate as the active ingredient. This compound is effective in not only elevating the pH but also in increasing the total alkalinity (TA). Risks of high pH in Spa Water When the pH level in your spa exceeds 7.6, the water becomes basic, leading to poor sanitation. High pH can cause calcium buildup, resulting in scale on spa surfaces and cloudy water. Effects of Basic Water: Calcium deposits form. Damage to pump seals and spa parts. Stains and marks on the acrylic shell. Dry, itchy skin and eye irritation for bathers. Reduced effectiveness of chlorine/bromine sanitizers, requiring more use. Cloudiness and a rough feel on surfaces. White flakes in the water. How to reduce the water pH levels pH decreasers, also known as pH reducers or pH minus, are dry acid products used to balance water in hot tubs, spas, or pools. Typically containing sodium bisulfate, they're pre-dissolved in warm water before adding. While effective in lowering pH, they can also significantly reduce Total Alkalinity (TA), sometimes necessitating a subsequent TA increase. Stabilizing Water pH Levels: Adjusting Total Alkalinity (TA) can help stabilize pH levels. TA refers to the water's capacity to neutralize acids, acting as a buffer for pH stability. In hot tubs, spas, or pools, maintaining TA is crucial for water balance. The ideal TA range is 125-150 ppm. To adjust TA, add small amounts gradually, allowing each dose to circulate before retesting. Once TA is optimal, then adjust the pH. Often, achieving the right TA brings pH into the desired range.

Health benefits of using a Hot Tub or Swim Spa
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Health benefits of using a Hot Tub or Swim Spa

Stress relief Stress results in muscle tension, headaches, fatigue and soreness. Regular Hot Tub use, through a combination of buoyancy, heat and massage relieves tension and stress.  Buoyancy eases pressure in joints and muscles, while heat increases blood flow to muscles and accelerates healing. Additionally, Hot tub jets provide therapeutic massage, stimulating the release of endorphins, which are the body’s natural painkiller. Minimise the Pain of Arthritis Benefits of a soak in a hot tub can include muscle relaxation, decreased pain and joint stiffness and greater ease when performing exercise and daily activities. Lower Diabetic Blood Sugar Levels A study by the New England Journal of Medicine found that bathing in a hot tub simulates the beneficial effects of exercise.  The result is that patients with type 2 diabetes who soak in a hot tub for 30 minutes a day, 6 days a week for 3 weeks, experience a reduction in blood sugar levels by an average of 13%. Promotes Weight Loss In clinical studies patients who used hot tubs lost an average of 3.5 pounds in weight without any new diet or physical exercise programmes. In short, the weight loss resulted from the hot water massage simulating the effects of exercise, on the muscles. Sleep More Soundly No more counting sheep! According to the National Sleep Foundation, 30 million Britons suffer from mild to chronic insomnia and other sleep disorders. A study in the journal ‘Sleep’ showed that soaking in a hot tub prior to bedtime will not only help you fall asleep, but will  provide a deeper, more relaxing sleep as the body cools. Lower Blood Pressure A recent study for the Mayo Clinic recommended that relaxing in a hot tub can be beneficial for heart disease patients. The study showed that relaxing in a hot tub is less stressful on the heart and more beneficial than working out on an exercise bike! The study also demonstrated that soaking in the hot tub for as little as 15 minutes will lower blood pressure. Be together -  Spend time together, immersed in warm water. The spa becomes a private and safe place where people can relax, let their guard down, and enjoy meaningful conversation and special moments with loved ones. Be outside -  Take a pause and appreciate beautiful sunsets, starry nights, falling snow, changing leaves, and much more. With a hot tub, you have a private retreat steps away from your door. Surrounded by nature, you can take in the beauty we often take for granted.  Be yourself  - Be at your best every day by making a spa a part of your daily ritual. Experience relief of stress and tension from sore muscles and emotional and mental benefits. Immersed in warm water, you can disconnect and emerge renewed.