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About Hot Tub Barn

25+ Years Leading UK Spa Market
UK's Most Successful Riptide Supplier

Our aim at Hot Tub Barn is to ensure that every customer who comes into contact with us receives the most outstanding service offered by any company on the market. That's why we make sure that all our staff have extensive product knowledge and are highly trained, especially in relation to water treatment methods and customer service techniques.
This ensures that when you need our help, there is always someone there to offer it.

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Friendly, Professional and Skilled Staff

Our friendly staff realise that testing a hot tub before you buy is important, after all you wouldn't buy a car before taking a test drive. Our showrooms offer testing facilities so you can relax and enjoy a complimentary drink on us.

Our Chelmsford showroom was one of the first hot tub showrooms in the UK. We now have a further 4 showrooms in Ashford , Cambridge, Southend, and Sevenoaks.  All showrooms offer a wide and varied range of hot tubs and swim spas, please call us to arrange a test soak anytime.

After Sales Care

As a company we also realise the importance of after-sales support and service. We are able to service hot tubs across a large part of the south and southeast of England.

While some hot tub dealers outsource their delivery and service and charge up to £95 for callouts even when in warranty, we do not charge for callouts within warranty.

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Excellent Customer Feedback

At Hot Tub Barn we look after and give support to customers all over the UK, as well as providing spa moves when required. Our online reviews and testimonials evidence our commitment to fantastic service.

We also have a referral club. Every time you refer a friend who purchases a hot tub, you receive a £160 credit to your account.

Because You've Earnt It

At Hot Tub Barn we believe that our hot tubs are the most relaxing, pleasurable and fun product you will ever buy, so why not make the process of buying and owning a hot tub as stress-free as possible and and get in touch with us or visit one of our showrooms today.

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Products We Stand By

Hot tubs have been sold from our Chelmsford showroom since 1996 and we have been UK distributors for Riptide Pools since 2009. 
Riptide hot tubs have the best water quality on the market without exception and have been proven the most reliable. They boast great jet variety, more control, and amazing hydrotherapy massage.