Smart Efficiency

Why Riptide Stands Out: The Pinnacle of Energy Efficiency

In the realm of relaxation, Riptide hot tubs aren't just about luxury—they're a testament to sustainable indulgence. Imagine a spa experience that not only rejuvenates your senses but also respects the environment and your wallet. That's the Riptide promise.

The true cost of running a hot tub

In the world of hot tubs, transparency is often clouded by misleading claims. Many
brands tout low running costs, but how many can truly back up their assertions with tangible evidence? At the heart of our commitment to honesty, we present the Tranquillity Series and the Starlight Platinum Collection.

Engage in six serene 30-minute sessions every week, maintaining a soothing water temperature of 39°C, and you'll find that the average electricity expenditure is a mere £5-£10 per week. This isn't a random number plucked from thin air; it's a calculated average, derived from a year-long observation of spas situated outdoors in the UK's varied climate.

We believe in clarity, and we invite you to experience the genuine cost-efficiency of our products.

Crafted for Efficiency
Insulation Mastery

Our spas boast multiple foam layers within the cabinet, ensuring minimal heat loss.

SilentFlow Pumps

Operating 24/7 for impeccable filtration, these pumps consume less energy than a 75W light bulb.

Smart Equipment Design

We've innovatively arranged our equipment to recycle warm air from the running gear, reducing the energy needed to heat the water.

Precision Covers

Tailored to perfection, our covers with high-density foam seal against the spa shell, further minimizing heat loss.

Consistent Temperature

By maintaining a steady water temperature, we eliminate energy-draining cycles of cooling and reheating.