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At Hot Tub Barn, we deeply value the trust you place in us. It's not just about offering exceptional products or services; it's about ensuring that every interaction you have with us is seamless, informative, and empowering.

Whether you're encountering a challenge, seeking expert advice, or simply have a question about our offerings, our dedicated team is here to guide you.

We understand that every query is unique, and we're committed to providing you with timely and accurate solutions.

Two men delivering a hot tub
Large crane lifting a swim spa in  the air.
Installing smoothly is what we do best

It is very rare that we cannot get a pool or hot tub into your property. Things that slow up the process are telephone or electricity cables, which may need to be temporarily removed to allow the crane to operate safely.

In addition, if there is not space on your drive for the crane to work it will have to go in the road. If you live on a small side road this may not be a problem, and no permission may be needed, however, the more major the road, the greater the likelihood that the road will need to be closed temporarily during the lift. This would normally involve both the police and the local authority, and there may be a small fee to pay. We've always succeeded in getting permission, agreeing a suitable time, and arranging everything to happen smoothly.

Our most challenging crane jobs in recent years have been to close Piccadilly Circus and crane a Hot Tub and grand piano up to a roof terrace. We also arranged for a closure of London's South Circular Road at 3am, with both police and local authority approval, to put in a Riptide Nautilus Pro. All went smoothly and the jobs were completed on time.

There are no challenges, only solutions

The truck we own is equipped with a Hiab 7.5T, which can transport two hot tubs, or a hot tub and a building simultaneously.
We also have our own three spa trailers a 16ft flatbed delivery truck for jobs where a large vehicle won't be able to go, and a more giant Hiab-equipped truck for the installation of swim spas and exercise pools. Your spa will be transported to its new home safely and carefully regardless of the means of transport we use.

Large truck transporting swim spa