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Swimming Pool Have traditional swimming pools fallen out of favour?


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The Challenges of a Traditional Garden Swimming Pool

Many homeowners are drawn to the idea of a garden pool, but the options can be overwhelming. From above-ground to traditional pools, the choices are vast. Enter the Swim Spa: a versatile alternative. Unlike traditional pools with high construction costs, a 'Fully/Semi Inground' Swim Spa offers cost savings. It's easily set up, making it a convenient choice.

Costs and Effort: A Classic Swimming Pool in Comparison

When planning and installing a classic swimming pool, high construction costs often come into play. Considerations for formwork and technical shafts increase the effort required. In contrast, a 'Fully/Semi Inground' Swim Spa provides an opportunity for cost savings. It requires no elaborate planning, as it can be easily placed on a level surface. Simply set it up, connect the power, and let the water flow – complete with a convenient cover.

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Swimming Pool or Swim Spa?
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Energy & Cost Savings

Due to its construction and circulation pump, a traditional swimming pool often consumes more electricity than necessary. In comparison, Swim Spas offer advanced energy-saving circulation systems and a highly insulating cover, reducing electricity costs. This makes the Swim Spa an energy-efficient alternative that saves costs in the long run.

Purr-fectly Clean Water, No Effort Needed!

Maintaining and cleaning a pool can often be laborious. A traditional pool requires regular cleaning and chemical treatments. In contrast, thanks to ozone disinfection, Swim Spas are more hygienic and largely self-cleaning. Additionally, some models offer fully automated systems, allowing for worry-free operation. This leaves more time for the actual swimming experience.

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From Zero to Athlete: Dive into Intense Workouts in your Swim Spa

Most conventional pools do not provide enough space for athletic swimming. One would need a massive 20-meter pool to complete real swim workouts. With a Swim Spa, athletic swimming is possible and easily adaptable to personal needs. Thanks to a counter-current system, one can swim endlessly in place, reaping the benefits
of a sports training.

Pool Limitations: When Your Swim Feels Boxed In

A swimming pool usually offers limited options for wellness and relaxation. In contrast, a Swim Spa, with integrated massage seats and loungers, provides professional hydrotherapy. Furthermore, light and water features create a relaxing atmosphere that complements the enjoyment of your own garden paradise.

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Why just dream of wellness when you can have It?
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Escape the Confines of Traditional Pools

Throughout the year a traditional pool is often weather-dependent and is winterized, only to be brought back into operation in the spring. In contrast, a Swim Spa comes equipped with an integrated heater, allowing for year-round use. Even in bad
weather, you can enjoy the Swim Spa and fully maximize your investment.

Why swim spa is the better alternative

Swim Spas are an emerging trend that offers many advantages but is often not fully recognized. As an all-inclusive worry-free package, they already include the necessary technology and a cover. They also offer flexibility; in case of a move, the Swim Spa can easily be taken along to continue enjoying its benefits. While traditional swimming pools have their merits, Swim Spas present a compelling alternative with numerous advantages that can transform your garden into a true oasis of relaxation and physical activity.

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How much does a swimming pool cost?

Time is a valuable resource - planning and installing a traditional swimming pool, including considerations for formwork and technical shafts, involves significant (time) effort and thus high costs. Are you looking for a simpler, more cost-effective solution to have a pool in your own garden as quickly as possible? For your new Swim Spa, no elaborate planning is required. It can be easily placed on a level surface and, if necessary, even moved or relocated. Moreover, fully in ground installation is quickly done: dig the pit - install the pool - dive into the refreshing water! And the best part: not only do you save a lot of costs compared to a swimming pool in terms of acquisition, but also the ongoing operation is extremely energy-efficient due to high-quality insulation and practical cover.

Which pool is best for the garden?

To find the perfect pool for your garden, you should first be clear about your personal needs. Do you want to use the pool for athletic training sessions or as a private wellness facility for relaxation? Here's the good news: with a Swim Spa, you don't have to choose! Thanks to the integrated counter-current system, a Swim Spa is perfect for daily swimming workouts, and powerful massage jets subsequently loosen the muscles. Unlike swimming pools, which are used at most on hot summer days, you can train and regenerate in the heated Swim Spa all year round. Cleaning is largely self-managed with hygienic ozone disinfection - leaving you even more time for private wellness experiences. Fully in-ground Swim Spas can be stylishly integrated into your garden setting.

What is the right pool size?

One of the essential questions in the search for the perfect pool is often: how large should it be to make the best possible use of it? And do I even have enough space in my garden? The most compact and efficient solution is undoubtedly the Swim Spa. Integrated counter current systems are standard here. This means that constant turning in the water (as is known from traditional swimming pools) is a thing of the past - in a Swim Spa, you can swim endlessly in the same spot, even in smaller models. Additional massage jets also provide private wellness experiences. Whether you still opt for a larger Swim Spa variant to create space for the whole family or friends is up to you. Numerous different model lengths and designs are available - it's best to get personal advice in a showroom near you!

What is the cost of a pool including installation?

One of the most crucial questions when buying a pool is the associated costs. What are the different swimming pool variants available and how much do they cost? Depending on the size and type of swimming pool, the costs for a traditional swimming pool are in the five-figure range. High construction costs arise here, and installation is associated with considerable effort. In contrast, with a Swim Spa, you can save costs as no elaborate planning is necessary. There are distinctions between the Fully-Inground Swim Spa, the Semi-Inground Swim Spa, and the dual Swim Spa. Swimming pool, fitness facility, and massage pool in one, and all at an affordable price. A Swim Spa is not only the simplest, most compact, but also the most cost-effective solution for private swimming pleasure at home.

What is the most expensive part of pool construction?

The expensive costs arise from the elaborate installation of the pool. The stainless steel swimming pool is the most elegant but also the most expensive option in pool construction. In comparison, you save costs with a Swim Spa, as there is no need for a concrete foundation and technical shaft. Therefore, the labor-intensive and time consuming formwork is eliminated. Other advantages include the fact that the pool can be used in any weather and at any time of the year. There are different model lengths and designs for Swim Spas.

The Fully-Inground Swim Spa is a pool completely submerged in the ground.

The partially submerged version - the Semi Inground Swim Spa - scores with easy entry due to its low height.

The dual Swim Spa is the perfect combination of swimming pool and hot tub.