Nautilus 6.0 Inground

Dimensions 585 x 235 x 152 cm
Volume 8400 ltr
Version Single-Zone Spa
Swimming jets 6 Power Swim Jets
Dimensions 585 x 235 x 152 cm
Volume 8400 ltr
Version Single-Zone Spa
Swimming jets 6 Power Swim Jets

A perfect combination of power and beauty, the Nautilus 6.0 is designed for in ground installation. Save on space & construction costs!

In ground style, powerful design.

Easy installation, save construction costs
  • No need for digging big holes,
  • No complex framework
  • No concrete foundation required
  • Ready in a Flash

Installing a Swim Spa has never been so easy!

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Experience and innovation - impressive technology

Pipe technical structure of Nautilus
Built for eternity

A 2.756 x 1.575 inches triple-reinforced galvanised steel frame forms the basic framework. It provides maximum stability for the tub shell and withstands lateral water pressure as well as the pressure of the soil. Together with the extra strong, fibreglass-reinforced multi-layer acrylic shell and the solid ABS floor shoring, the Fully-Inground Swim Spa is considered the heaviest pool of its size on the market.

Strong counter currents inside Nautilus pool
The power of the countercurrent

6 adjustable PowerJets provide a broad, turbulence-free swimming current, which, with its 4 powerful water pumps, creates up to 8000 l of water / minute of counterpressure. The buoyancy as well as the upper and lower water pressure can be individually adjusted via the pump configuration and the air intake regulator according to the swimming ability. PRO inverter technology uses frequency-controlled water pumps that enable powerful swimming training via a 10-speed control.

swimming pink circle floating in water
Worry-free water quality

The power-saving circulation pump draws water through the EGO³ pre-filter cartridges and provides circulation, cleaning and disinfection up to 24 hours a day. Completely maintenance-free, active oxygen (O³) is added to the water via an ozone generator, bacteria, fungi, algae and viruses are rendered harmless, and hygienically clean and crystal-clear water is permanently ensured in the pool. Water management with ozone reduces the addition of additives to a minimum.

Nautilus in garden with cover motion
Highest energy efficiency

The floor-level shoring generally helps to save energy, as external influences such as wind and cold are minimised. The use of an energy-saving water treatment, disinfection and circulation system (programmable special circulation pump) ensures that heat is used effectively and unnecessary circulation is prevented. The shell foaming and the precisely fitting HI cover additionally help to work energy-efficiently and to minimise power consumption.

Product Features

 side view technical illustration of how everything is placed inside Nautilus
Innovative service hatch

The Nautilus makes in-ground installation a doddle with an innovative service hatch for easy access to working parts and for maintenance Not requiring side access, the service hatch allows for the pool to be installed into a rectangular concreted pit, saving on the space required and the cost of traditional in ground installations.

Pool shell
Easy to install

With a watertight sturdy fibre glass outer shell and with all working parts, electronics and power supply at one end, the Nautilus is quick and easy to install.

2.35 meters wide pool
Huge swimming space

The Nautilus features a huge swimming space of 5.85m by 2.35m wide and a with a superior depth of 1.52m. Awesome jet power comes from the six counter current jets.

Installing a Riptide Pool in-ground

Riptide pools can be installed on your patio or in your garden either above ground or sunken into the ground. Here is the five step process for an in-ground installation.


This should be slightly larger than the base area of the pool to make it easier to work from the side.


Depending on the ground conditions, a concrete slab or paving slabs may also be necessary.


The crane is called into action to hoist the pool carefully over the hedge and property.


Attention must be payed to the rainwater drainage. Additional drainage pipes could be helpful here.


The pool edge can be finished with paving slabs, patio timbers, gravel or simply grass.


the pool edge can be finished with paving slabs, patio timbers, gravel or simply grass.

Helping and supporting every step of the way

Understanding that choosing the right swim spa is a significant decision, we're here to guide you with helpful answers and advice.

Our commitment extends beyond just making a choice – we offer an exceptional customer care experience, from pre purchase to post-purchase, ensuring you and your family find the perfect swim spa that fit your needs.

modern backyard with a fully inground swim spa and a hot tub
Man enjoying swimming inside a swim spa.

Dive In & Test: Discover Your Dream Swim

Would you buy a car without test-driving it first? Only a trial dip in our swim spas can help you decide which model is right for you and your family. Evaluate seat shape and depth, test the massage effect, and feel the water. Just bring towels and your swimwear – we'll make sure the pool is ready for you.

In our showrooms, you'll find a variety of suitable models for test swimming. Let our TÜV-certified experts guide you and draw inspiration from customer examples for potential garden designs – all complete with an exclusive sliding cover.