Infinity 160
  • 212 x 155 x 82 cm
  • 2 Seats & 1 Lounger
Infinity 560
  • 212 x 212 x 92 cm
  • 4 Seats & 1 Lounger
Infinity 830
  • 297 x 240 x 97 cm
  • 8 Seats
Infinity 360
  • 200 x 200 x 82 cm
  • 4 Seats & 1 Lounger
Infinity 770
  • 230 x 230 x 92 cm
  • 3 Seats & 2 Lounger
Infinity 760
  • 230 x 230 x 92 cm
  • 4 Seats & 1 Lounger


Infinity 160

Dimensions 212 x 155 x 82 cm
Volume 850 ltr
Hydro Jets 32 Hydro Jets
Massage places 2 Seats & 1 Lounger
Dimensions 212 x 155 x 82 cm
Volume 850 ltr
Hydro Jets 32 Hydro Jets
Massage places 2 Seats & 1 Lounger

The INFINITY 160 is the entry-level size of the Infinity whirlpool series. Perfect for limited space, but fully equipped with massage, light and water features.

Infinity Class Features
Crystal clear blue water
Effortless Sparkle

Our Infinity spas feature advanced, cost-effective auto-sanitising. Enjoy safe, crystal-clear water as it's continuously purified. First filtered, then zapped with ozone to kill bacteria, and finally, passed through a silver ionizer to prevent future growth. Optional auto-sanitiser adds extra peace of mind with simple upkeep

Green Luxury

Infinity spas are crafted with care for the planet. Our efficient manufacturing process minimizes waste, with less than 1% trimming on acrylics. We use renewable wood and durable, insulating ABS cabinets for added thermal and acoustic comfort. Plus, our high-performance insulation locks in heat, cutting down energy use and costs.

blonde woman enjoying a warm hot tub soak in the evening.
Efficient Warmth

Riptide Spas' Power Saver system ensures your spa is always ready with warm, inviting water. Our method uses minimal electricity, thanks to high-density foam on the shell and gap-free cabinet insulation for peak energy efficiency.

hot tub jets skeme illustrated
The Variable Jet System

The stainless steel hydrotherapy jets you’ll find in Infinity spas are easy to replace and are interchangeable (of the same size). Performing various actions, adjust each nozzle individually for a great targeted massage.

• Foot Massage Jet (direct action)
• Stimulation Jet (direct action)
• Neck Massage Jet (direct action)
• Single Pulse Jet (rotating action)
• Twin Pulse Jet (rotating action)

Woman enjoying the hot tub warmth.
Efficient Engineering

The pumps and heater produce heat as a byproduct of their operation. Infinity Spas retain this heat inside the cabinet space aiding heat retention in the spa water.

Heat and moisture-proof cover in silver grey
Heat and Moisture-Proof Cover

Seal in the Heat: Riptide's custom-fit marine-grade covers lock in warmth with advanced insulation.
The 100mm polystyrene core, wrapped in heat-reflective aluminium, resists water absorption and chemical damage. Safety locks, sturdy handles, protective skirts, and reinforced hinges ensure durability and security, standard with every cover.

Infinity Hot Tub with blue lighting
Dream-like Lighting

Our spa's come with the dream-time lighting package, including a Large LED Light and water-level perimeter lighting. Included with our Platinum Series are back-lit controls and back-lit waterfalls.

With 8 different colour sequences and 4 modes, allowing you to flash, fade
and step a kaleidoscope of colours throughout your spa. Pair this with the external corner cabinet light on our platinum models and you are all lit up. Choose a lighter colour spa shell to get the full lighting experience.

Infinite Luxury

The new Infinity rangeprovides unrivalled levels of luxury and sublime relaxation.
Each seat is contoured to surround your body with a soothing massage and is
optimised for your comfort. An Infinity spa can be a quiet place to relax and reflect, or an unforgettable wellness experience enjoyed with your partner, friends or family.
However, you use our spa you can be sure of a superb massage that will relieve tired muscles and help bring peace of mind.

women toasting inside the hot tub
Woman hand interacting with the gecko Infinity controller of the hot tub
Smart Power Saver Controller

Gecko controllers use state of the art technology to manage power use and reduce overall running costs. Gecko's fully-featured and more responsive colour touch screen display keypad boasts a new state of the art touch screen with more precise fingertip contact areas for accurate target selection, enabling easier and more precise interactions. Operating your spa is like operating a smart-phone or tablet.