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Your Personal Oasis: Escape in Your Own Backyard

Swimming in every season, for every garden and budget

While classic swimming pools are often costly to install and limited in use to a few weeks a year, Swim Spas offer a genuine alternative. Our Swim Spas are optimized for energy efficiency, which is achieved through insulation or the use of an energy-saving circulation pump, allowing for carefree swimming and relaxation year-round. Furthermore, various model lengths and designs enable customized planning for every garden and budget.

woman floating on her back inside a swim spa

Boundless Opportunities for Enjoyment

For Fitness

Riptide exercise pools can form an important part of the day to day fitness regime of anyone who wants to stay in good shape. Swimming against the force of the exercise pool’s powerful counter-current jets will quickly tone up your body in a low impact environment.

For Relaxation

Thermostatically controlled up to 40°C, Swim Spas also allow you to lay back and relax in the warm, clear water with family and friends and enjoy the invigorating massage of the hydrotherapy jets. Being more compact than standard swimming pools, Riptide pools can be installed where space is at a premium; in a garden or courtyard, either in-ground or above ground.

For Family Fun

Requiring very little cleaning, Riptide pools incorporate cutting-edge filtration and sanitising systems, ensuring a clean and safe pool experience for you and your family every time you take a dip.
With an easy-to-remove insulated lid and insulation all around the shell of our pools, heat is trapped in, so running costs are kept surprisingly low.

The Benefits of Hydromassage
Pain Relief

The pressure from hydromassage can help alleviate pain from muscle tension, stiffness, and some chronic pain conditions

Improved Circulation

The water jets stimulate blood flow, which can aid in healing and reducing inflammation.

Stress Reduction

Like any massage, hydromassage can reduce stress and anxiety, promoting relaxation.

Increased Flexibility

The water's warmth, combined with pressure, can help improve flexibility and range of motion.

Better Sleep Patterns

Many find that hydromassage aids in better sleep, likely due to its stress-relieving properties.

Enhanced Immune System Function

Improved blood circulation can lead to a stronger immune system.

Skin Benefits

The pressure and warmth can also have a positive effect on skin health, potentially improving its appearance and texture.

Mental Wellness:

Beyond physical benefits, the relaxation and stress relief from hydromassage can contribute to improved mental well-being.

Family enjoying the swim spa together

What exactly is a swim spa? Pool, fitness, and relaxation in one.

Similar to the well-known hot tub, a Swim Spa is a self-contained system comprising a pool, basic structure, technology, jets, disinfection, heating, lighting, and a cover.

The best part - an integrated counter-current system is standard, allowing for 'endless' swimming without constant turns in the water.

The ultimate setup is undoubtedly a dual Swim Spa - a space-saving combination of swimming pool and hot tub in one basin with two separate temperature zones - perfect for counter-current swimming at 27 degrees and simultaneous relaxation in the soothing 37-degree whirlpool.

Which Swim Spa Suits You?

High-Quality Components, Backed by an 8-Year Warranty

Riptide pools, built with premium materials like Japanese variable speed drives, US Aristech acrylic shells, and Canadian Gecko electronics, offer top-notch insulation with up to 100mm foam. Encased in a durable, galvanized steel frame with stainless steel fixings, they're designed for longevity. Plus, enjoy an 8-year limited warranty for complete assurance.

Man enjoying swimming inside a swim spa.

Dive In & Test: Discover Your Dream Swim

Would you buy a car without test-driving it first? Only a trial dip in our swim spas can help you decide which model is right for you and your family. Evaluate seat shape and depth, test the massage effect, and feel the water. Just bring towels and your swimwear – we'll make sure the pool is ready for you.

In our showrooms, you'll find a variaty of suitable models for test swimming. Let our TÜV-certified experts guide you and draw inspiration from customer examples for potential garden designs – all complete with an exclusive sliding cover.

The world's most versatile exercise pool and swim spa
A warm, relaxing pool experience

Your pool, with its thermostatic control up to 40ºc, is always ready for a relaxing dip whenever you desire. The insulated shell and cover efficiently retain heat when it's not in use.

World-beating quality

Riptide offers a world beating range of swim spas and exercise pools featuring eleven unique shell designs and two swim power systems with an indestructible galvanised steel frame.Riptide Pools satisfy every swimming level and water capacity, offering great quality and value for money.

Always ready, day or night, year-round

You can now enjoy swimming at night as Riptide pools feature relaxing colour changing underwater and bar top LED lighting. Unlike a conventional pool, Riptide pools are economical to run and require very little cleaning as they incorporate a state of the art heating, filtration and sanitising system, keeping the water warm, clean and ready for a dip, anytime.

Pure, clean water

With high performance pumps, corona discharge ozone systems and a skimmer filter system, you can always be sure of a clean and safe pool experience in a Riptide pool.

It’s all about the counter-currents

With a variety of jet configurations, Riptide pools produce a powerful counter current to swim against that will challenge even the strongest swimmer. Great for exercise and fun for the whole family, choose from entry level pools generating up to 1,650 gallons output per minute up to dedicated exercise pools that feature smooth and powerful Turbo jets generating a massive force of water of 2,200 gallons per minute via the fully adjustable, programmable control panel.

Quality components,with an 8-year limited warranty

Riptide pools are constructed using the finest hardware and materials with a high-quality Japanese made variable speed drive coupled with US made Aristech acrylic shells and Canadian Gecko electronics. There is up to 100mm of full foam insulation for maximum insulation throughout our pools and all components fit snugly inside a sturdy box section galvanised steel frame with stainless steel fixings.
Riptide Pools are designed to last, but for total peace of mind, all our pools carry an 8 year limited warranty.


Swim Spa Costs

A Swim Spa combines a traditional swimming pool with a fitness facility and a massage pool, all at an affordable price. Prices for high-quality Swim Spas at Hot Tub Barn start at 17, 000 GBP on average. While cheaper options exist, they often compromise on quality, leading to higher energy costs. Prices vary based on:

  • Model
  • Personal preferences
  • Quality
  • Energy efficiency

Swim Spa costs with installation

A Swim Spa offers excellent value for money, saving both costs and time compared to a conventional pool. At Hot Tub Barn, expect costs in the mid-five-digit range. Key benefits include year-round use, relaxation and wellness features, and counter-current swimming.

Monthly Swim Spa Costs

Monthly operational costs for a Swim Spa can vary widely. One thing is certain: cutting corners during the initial purchase can lead to high electricity and maintenance expenses. High quality Swim Spas from Hot Tub Barn, equipped with full insulation and advanced energy-saving circulation systems, greatly reduce monthly power costs. Opting for a quality Swim Spa is the most efficient solution for your sport and wellness facility in your garden.

Swim Spa Lifespan

Setting up a Swim Spa is quick and easy. However, how many years can you enjoy it after installation? The rule of thumb here is not to skimp on quality. Cheaper pools may result in higher operating costs and limited lifespan. High-quality Swim Spas like those from Hot Tub Barn, thanks to full insulation, are extremely energy-efficient, and the robust substructure ensures durability - a worthwhile investment. Additionally, you'll have the highest level of flexibility: in case of a move, your Hot Tub Barn Swim Spa can easily come with you! This way, even after relocating, you can continue to enjoy your private sports and wellness facility for years to come.