Tranquility Mayfair
  • 212 x 212 x 82 cm
  • 3 Seats & 2 Longer
Tranquility Esteem
  • 212 x 212 x 92 cm
  • 3 Seats & 2 Lounger
Tranquility Skyline
  • 200 x 150 x 74 cm
  • 2 Lounger & 1 Seat
Tranquility Uptown
  • 212 x 212 x 82 cm
  • 4 Seats & 1 Lounger
Tranquility Tribute
  • 210 x 210 x 92 cm
  • 4 Seats & 1 Lounger
Tranquility Stratum
  • 230 x 240 x 92 cm
  • 7 Seats & 1 Lounger


Tranquility Mayfair

Dimensions 212 x 212 x 82 cm
Volume 1150 ltr
Hydro Jets 24 Jets in 4 variations
Massage places 3 Seats & 2 Longer

The five seat Tranquility Mayfair features 24 hydrotherapy massage jets for relaxing, quality time with family and friends.

Couple relaxing in the garden enjoying their hot tub session
Luxury Relaxation in your Tranquility Spa

Tranquility Spas are designed from the ground up to offer maximum pleasure with minimum operating costs. The advanced control system preheats the water to your desired temperature for you to use anytime, day or night. The control system also allows you to adjust the lighting and to control filtration to suit your lifestyle.

Keeping the spa water crystal clear couldn’t be easier. An in-spa filtration system, combined with a corona discharge ozone water purifier and optional anti-bacterial ioniser, ensures clean, clear water every time. With the Thermo Lock Insulation System and efficient engineering, the running cost of a Tranquility Spa is kept to a minimum and is gentle on the environment.

To enhance the therapeutic massage, the Esteem, Tribute, and Stratum models come with an optional easy to connect to Bluetooth music system to help bring harmony to your spa session.

Tranquility Collection Features
Lucite Shell
shell cover of the hot tub

The shell of a Tranquility Spa is crafted in industry leading Lucite™ acrylic which allows it to be moulded around tight edges and soft curves without a blemish.

Comfortable neck pillows

Our comfortable pillows are made from long lasting ozone and chlorine resistant EVA material.

Cabinet pannels from individual slats

The UV resistant, wood-effect cabinet is constructed from individual slats. Panel fixings are kept to a minimum to add to the cabinet’s sleek charm.

Control system display

Tranquility Spas feature the most up-to-date control system manufactured by the Canadian company Gecko.

All spas are fitted with a back-lit key pad, waterproof control box and an efficient heater that keeps the spa water hot but running costs low.

Hot tub lights reflections in the water

The in-spa LED features multiple colour settings and colour sequencing. Use the key pad to select your favourite colours.

Fountaine de Vie™
blonde woman playing with the water fountain feature of the hot tub

Available on Esteem, Tribute and Stratum models, relax and enjoy the sight and sounds of the built-in waterfall.

Soothing Hydrotherapy Jets

The Hydrotherapy jets in a Tranquility Spa are perfectly positioned and designed to offer a smooth, intense, and relaxing massage where you need it the most. Whether they are positioned for your neck and shoulders, lower back or feet, they will sooth aches and pains and help you to relax.

The jets can be turned on and off by turning the jet face, allowing you to customise your spa experience. You can also adjust the power of each jet with the bar top controls, increase the water and air power to make the massage firmer, lower the control to create a more gentle massage.

For sore, tired feet, many seating positions in a Tranquility Spa feature powerful jets to deliver the ultimate foot and leg massage.

The filter and anti-bacterial ioniser are kept safely away from children, but are still really easy to access from inside the spa for filter cleaning.

Woman drinking champagne inside the Tranquility hot tub
Built to last

With a generous 8 years limited warranty and with fantastic after-sales care, Tranquility Spas are beautifully crafted and built to offer many years of enjoyment and well-being.

Premium frames and shells
Our “tough built” treated timber frames have triple reinforced corners, cross-bracing and supports under every seat. The entire frame is then protected by chemical treatment, paint and a wrap-around base.

The 6-layer laminated “tough bond” shells are one of the thickest shells available (8-10mm thick) and our oven curing process ensures your shell is as strong as possible. If you shop around, be sure to check the thickness of the spa shell.

A special, sealed ABS floor prevents cool air from entering the whirlpool through gaps under the whirlpool, but above all protects against moisture and rodent bites and guarantees a long service life of the pool.