Non Chlorine Shock 5KG


Product Description

Using a Non-Chlorine Shock treatment once a week is generally recommended practice for hot tub owners. It's also wise to use non-chlorine shock after heavy or extended bathing.
Non-chlorine Shock treatment is preferred over other spa shock treatments as it can enable almost continuous use of your hot tub.

Product Usage

Why do I need Non-Chlorine Shock if I'm already using Chlorine?
Though we generally employ Chlorine within hot tubs with the intention of destroying microorganisms and bacteria, as well as other dangerous organisms, the majority of chlorine put into hot tubs looks after things such as skin epidermis cells, perspiration, insects, filth, plus additional alien particles which are able to get into your spa water. As the Chlorine sanitiser comes across the unwanted content in the water, it oxidises it, and as a consequence the result of the reaction is the production of combined chlorine, referred to as chloramines. These chloramine molecules produce an extremely potent aroma as well as causing stinging in eyes and nostrils.

Weight Information

Weight: 5kg

COSSH / MSDS Safety Sheet