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Sauna Wellbeing

Healing and Relaxation for Body and Spirit.
The Burning Pressures of our Lives

In the digital age, we're constantly engulfed by the flames of information, multitasking, always on the run, with screens illuminating our lives at every turn. This has a very negative impact on our health, productivity, and wellbeing, leaving little room for personal reflection and relaxation. Amidst life’s chaos, there's a longing for a sanctuary—a place to disconnect, recalibrate, and find our centre.

City in motion, agitation, people and traffic
Life Burns, Sauna Heals

The phoenix bird can be reborn from fire, but sauna sessions are also known for their immense health benefits for our bodies and souls. Unmatched design and superior craftsmanship make our saunas stand out.

Unparalleled Design & Quality: Every sauna we craft is a testament to excellence. Using only the finest materials, our saunas are built to last a lifetime.

Harmony with Nature: Our saunas are designed to be more than just a structure; they are a sanctuary. You can immerse yourself in the natural beauty around you with extensive glass panels and carefully chosen wood.

Enhanced Experience: Our saunas offer modern amenities to enhance your sauna experience.With mood lighting and customizable temperature controls, every feature is tailored to you.

Eco-friendly and sustainable: Our saunas have been designed to ensure that they are not only eco-friendly, but also sustainably produced.

Why everyone should have a sauna


Sweating in a sauna can help the body eliminate toxins through the skin. This process aids in removing heavy metals and other harmful substances from the body.


The heat from the sauna helps relax muscles and soothe aches in both muscles and joints. This relaxation can lead to reduced stress and enhanced mental well-being.

Skin Health

Regular sauna use can improve skin health by opening pores and removing dead skin cells, resulting in clearer and softer skin.

Immune System Boost

Some studies suggest that regular sauna use can increase white blood cells, which are vital in fighting off infections and illnesses.

Weight Loss

While the primary weight loss from a sauna session is water weight (due to sweating), there's evidence suggesting that regular sauna use can boost metabolism,
contributing to weight loss over time.

Respiratory Benefits

The warm, moist air in a sauna can help open airways and improve lung function, benefiting individuals with asthma or bronchitis.

Relaxation by Design

Sauna in the Garden - Why Not Enjoy a Sweat Amidst Nature?

Have you been envisioning that special corner of your garden? Or perhaps you're looking to elevate your terrace space, capitalising on that unique view?
Consider expanding your living space to create an oasis of relaxation and rejuvenation. Whether you prefer something classic, modern, or a reflection of
your individual style, we've got you covered.

Dream big, and we'll make it a reality:

  • Family garden saunas
  • Outdoor saunas with anterooms and roofing
  • Pool houses complete with a sauna and relaxation room

Red Dot Design Award – "The Most Popular GardenSauna"

The mirror glass sauna, which was honoured with the Red Dot Design Award in the "Best of the Best 2021" category, swiftly rose to become one of Europe's most sought-after sauna purchases.
Its fully reflective interior creates a unique and mesmerising atmosphere for you to relish in your own garden.

Sauna Design - modern, classic, or distinctly individual?
Your Choice Of Wood

Interior wall finishing in Thermal Aspen, Spruce, Alder, Aspen light, in rustic Tyrolian Wood or in exclusive curved sauna board design.

Your Choice Of Glazing

Outdoor saunas are produced exclusively with 2 x 6 mm ESG thermal glazing - clear glass, mirror glass, tinted glass with RAL colour frame finishing.

Your Choice of Heater

HARVIA, as Europe's leading sauna provider, stands for pure Finnish sauna enjoyment - you can choose between the classic Finnish sauna heater or a Bio-Combi heater with an evaporator function. The special eye-catcher is the HARVIA Virta as a free-standing sauna tower.

Your Choice of Interior Design

Experience the perfect blend of comfort and aesthetics with our sauna interiors. Choose from six distinct bench and backrest styles, each crafted to enhance relaxation.

From Sauna Dream to Dream Sauna

Design lines are merely ideas and concepts that we repeatedly realize for customers. Very often, however, it is the combination of individual aspects that makes a sauna your dream sauna.

Inspiration and advice.
We can gladly advise you in our showrooms or directly at your home. Together we will work on the realization of your wishes and ideas based on sketches, 2D and 3D drawings. Our sauna experts will find the ideal solution together with you, even for difficult room conditions, larger wellness facilities or special technical requirements.

Solid craftsmanship.
Highly qualified skilled workers use the latest technology and solid craftsmanship to process the high-quality wood, install the selected technical components and prefabricate your sauna in our factory.

Customer service - we stay in touch.
After making an appointment, the professional installation and commissioning of your sauna is carried out by experienced fitters at your home. If - even over the years - questions or contrary to expectations problems should arise - our customer service team will be happy to give you professional advice and help you quickly.

Emma H., Birmingham

"Investing in a home sauna has been a game-changer for me. After hectic days in the city, it's my slice of relaxation. Can't recommend it enough!"

James W., Manchester

"The quality is top-notch, and the
installation was seamless. I've noticed a significant improvement in my sleep and overall well-being.”

Henry P., Bristol

"My sauna has become my personal haven. The craftsmanship is top-tier, and the customer support was second to none. Each session is a revitalising experience, leaving me feeling centred and calm. It's genuinely been a fantastic addition to my home."

William T., Liverpool

"Who knew a sauna could be this good? It's my new favourite spot at home. Every session feels like a spa day."


1. What are the health benefits of using a sauna?

Saunas offer a range of health benefits,including improved circulation, relief from muscle soreness, stress reduction, and improved skin health.
Most people also report better sleep after sauna sessions.

2. How much does your own sauna cost?

Nowadays, saunas come in a wide variety of shapes and for every budget. But the bigger and more individual, the more expensive the sauna will be. The cost of your own sauna is divided into purchase price and operating costs. The purchase price varies depending on the type of sauna (indoor, outdoor), standard model or custom-made. In addition, there are transport costs and installation costs if the sauna is installed by a professional. The monthly operating costs consist of the running costs as well as the electricity costs. Hot Tub Barn offers unbeatable introductory prices for the purchase of our sensational sauna novelties.

3. How often should I use a sauna?

While it varies for everyone, many people find 3-4 times a week for 15-20 minutes per session to be beneficial.

4. What should be considered before the first sauna session?

Make sure that the sauna stones are washed before carefully placing them around the heating elements, avoiding pressure and making sure that the stones are the right size so that they do not get lost between the heating elements - but also so that the air can circulate properly between the cavities.

The heating elements must be completely covered by the stones to ensure optimum heating performance and to avoid any risk of burns for the user. The sauna heater must be heated up properly for at least 1 hour with the door open before you dare to take your first sauna session.

Please also note that heat can soften the plastic inserts on the hinges. Check the door and the door handles - if necessary, tighten the screw connections and, if necessary, adjust the door again correctly (this does not constitute a reason for warranty).

5. How do I clean the sauna?

After each sauna session, ventilate the sauna well. Clean the sauna only after it has cooled down completely. Clean the sauna from top to bottom. Wipe the sauna benches with a slightly damp cloth. The upper benches are automatically disinfected by the high heat. This is not sufficient for the lower benches - they should be cleaned occasionally with a special care disinfectant.Hydrogen peroxide (3 %) can be purchased in pharmacies for this purpose - this natural substance evaporates into oxygen and water. Never use agents containing chlorine or oil for this purpose.
Coarse soiling or discolouration can be removed with a fine emery paper (100 - 150 grain). Limescale stains or discolouration caused by additives of the aroma infusions often form on the sauna heater.

Clean the heater with a microfibre cloth. For heavier soiling, we recommend vinegar or citric acid in the cleaning water. Wipe the floor with clear water and a lint-free floor cloth - occasionally a commercially available floor cleaner can also be used.
Always wipe dry well and then leave the sauna door open.

6. What are the temperature variations in the Sauna?

Knowing the temperature zones in the sauna: Normally, a sauna has 2 bench levels and thus 3 temperature zones. With a set sauna temperature of 80 degrees, this results in the following zones - depending slightly on the design and location of the cabin (house or garden):

  • Between floor and lower bench: approx. 30 - 50 degrees / approx. 60 % humidity
  • Between lower and upper bench: approx. 60 - 70 degrees / approx. 15 % humidity
  • Between upper bench and ceiling: approx. 80 - 100 degrees / approx. 3 - 5 % humidity

How high are the energy costs of a sauna? And what is the heating behaviour of the sauna heater?

All heating elements work 100 % of the time until the selected target temperature is reached - afterwards on average only 60 % to 70 % of the time - depending on the number and fluctuation of people using the sauna. A 9 kW heater consumes approx. 4.28 GBP in the usage time of 3 hours at a kW price of 0.22 GBP.
The heating time depends on the size of the cabin, on the heater output but also on the materials used, on the location of the cabin, on the dimensioning of the supply and exhaust air, on the insulation and on the quantity of stones. Stoves with more than 90 kg of stones take longer to do this.

The decisive factor is that the walls, the benches and the ceiling can absorb the heat energy and then re-radiate it as infrared heat. The sauna heater absorbs about 70 % radiant heat, about 25 % convection heat from the stove (transferred via air) and about 5 % contact heat via the bench. A sufficient exchange of air (4 - 5 air changes per hour) also ensures that the desired sauna climate is achieved quickly and pleasantly. The corresponding supply air and the air circulation in the heater interact with the exhaust air opening on the ceiling side (this depends on the conditions in the cabin).